Flood prevention plans delay – new controversy?

With the profile of flood prevention high on the agenda it seems to be the right time to be talking SUDS.

News on the subject has been building gradually over the last week or two and the article by Roger Harrabin on the BBC article makes for interesting reading http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-25676973

Design power in your hands

Our extensive range of channel drainage means we have a system for any application, however choosing the correct channel size to convey the flow from the drained area can be less clear….

The ACO Hydraulic Design Software is designed to answer just this.

The free online tool accurately analyses your selected channel to check it has suitable capacity; furthermore it can optimise the selection and potentially downsize the system if it is oversized.

ACO Hydraulic Design Software on a tablet

ACO Hydraulic Design Software on a tablet

Discover how our design software allows you to create more effective hydraulic plans – visit www.acodesign.co.uk

Design power to you

Designing a large drainage system can be a challenging task especially when considering the multiple calculations that are required to ensure the correct flow rates and capacity levels across the system. ACO has simplified this task by launching a new cloud based secure development tool called ACO Hydraulic Design Software. Targeted at engineers the software will speed up the design stage and will auto amend a design to take into account revised flow rates and capacity levels.

ACO Hydraulic Design Software on a tablet

ACO Hydraulic Design Software on a tablet

Surface water management system design can often be a complex task. Success in combining products and processes requires a thorough understanding of how these different elements interact. The powerful project based software from ACO empowers engineers to undertake hydraulic design employing ACO components to satisfy those requirements and offers a number of benefits, such as:

  • Easily change design criteria (rainfall intensities, product type, additional runs)
  • Quickly and confidently assess any alterations and/or alternative products
  • Own allocated space to store designs
  • Designs are kept confidential on the server
  • Create/provide PDF summary document

The ACO Hydraulic Design software is exceptionally accurate and uses proven algorithms to calculate the correct flow rates for surface water conveyance across multiple channel profiles. Because the system is cloud based the engineers can be confident that their designs are available wherever they are working. Security of access is closely controlled and all data is backed up on a regular basis.

The ACO Design Services Team is able to work closely with you through the entire design process to ensure accurate and cost effective product selection. Some of the services offered by the ACO design team, include: whole system design, from collection to the attenuation of surface water; specification, design and installation advice; hydraulic calculations & AutoCAD detailing; parts schedules. To see how our new free design software allows engineers to create more effective plans, visit out design homepage.