Another step forward

ACO floodingIn the 2014 budget, revealed yesterday, the Government announced that an additional £140million would be spent following the damage caused by the recent floods.  This will take the total spend for repairing and rebuilding UK infrastructure up to £340million – £200million to fix potholes and the additional £140million will be used to repair flood defences.

As we are all too aware, the devastation caused by the recent flooding has been significant and it is good to see that more is being done to help avoid this in the future.  In some part, we have already seen the positive results of investing in flood defences and surface water management solutions.  If you compare the recent flooding to that of 2007, there has actually been significant progress. Then, ten times the number of properties were flooded than in recent months and the Environment Agency has estimated that over 800,000 additional homes have been protected by flood schemes this time round.

Funding is therefore just part of the story, it is also essential that there is an exhaustive examination into what has and hasn’t worked and how these situations can be avoided in the future.  We should also be using our experiences to identify best practice – not only in the design solutions but also in terms of the ways of working that have made a difference.

Now, let’s seek collaboration; where planners, designers, manufacturers, policy makers, budget holders, engineers and the general public input into an integrated approach, to ensure that we adopt best practice and spend effectively, within a timely framework of guidance and legislation.

To see how improvements have been made since 2007, take a look at our infographic.

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