Secretary of State confirms 2014 SuDS implementation

After a summer of rain, the heavy rainfall in November brought yet more misery with extensive flooding throughout the country. Yet another example of what seems to be a long-term change in our weather patterns and highlighting the urgent need to adapt our drainage systems to ensure we can handle such events in the future.

The devastation caused by the recent floods prompted a letter, dated 28 November 2012, from the Environmental, Food and Rural Affairs Committee to the Secretary of State, Owen Paterson in which Anne McIntosh MP (Thirsk and Malton, Conservative) requested a timescale for commencement of the additional SuDS provision still outstanding from the 2010 Flood and Water Management Act. In a subsequent parliamentary debate (6th December), Miss McIntosh called for adoption of sustainable drainage (SuDS) regulations as a “matter of urgency”.

Response from Mr Paterson confirmed the intention to bring the SuDS regulations into force in 2014. The complexities of introducing this legislation mean it is sensible to ensure it is done correctly. We are pleased to see this commitment and that the government are standing firm to take the time needed to ensure that when SuDS does come into force, its provision is appropriate, workable and correct for the needs of all it impacts.

One thought on “Secretary of State confirms 2014 SuDS implementation

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    I know at Wilsham Consulting, as one of the foremost independent water consultants, we can offer competitive design services to potential upstream providers, those providing small scale water storage or sustainable drainage systems.

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